Formed By Divine Teaching: The Lord’s Prayer Series

A prayer so venerable as The Lord’s Prayer, given by Christ himself, is certainly worthy of our esteem and attention.  “Formed by Divine Teaching” is a 12-part series of commentary and analysis on this most fundamental of Christian orations.  It will analyze the profundity of the message contained in such a brief collection of lines and its importance in understanding God, the Church, and the Catholic faith as a whole.

Seen below is the list, in order, of each of the 12 articles that comprise this series.  As each new article is published, I will activate the appropriate link.  Readers will also see it posted on the blog’s main page just like any normal article.  I pray that this endeavor will be as fruitful for the reader as it is for me.

Part I:  Introduction (POSTED)
Part II:  Our Father, who art in heaven (POSTED)
Part III:  Hallowed be thy name (POSTED)
Part IV:  Thy Kingdom Come (POSTED)
Part V:  Thy will be done (POSTED)
Part VI:  …on earth as it is in heaven (POSTED)
Part VII:  Give us this day our daily bread (pending)
Part VIII:  And forgive us our trespasses (pending)
Part IX:  …as we forgive those who trespass against us (pending)
Part X:  And lead us not into temptation (pending)
Part XI:  But deliver us from evil (pending)
Part XII:  Conclusion (pending)

Check back to this page for updates!

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