If the Bard wrote the Gospel…

…or if Jesus lived in late Renaissance England, would Scripture read like this instead?  Just a silly, harmless, hypothetical, iambic conjecture from the undersigned.  I still think the original sounds better.

Thy ear inclined, attend, Creator Lord,
Hear from the halls of Thy most high abode:
Earth’s peoples bless Thy Name with one accord,
Loose now Thy pow’r and vanquish sin’s hard load!
O, may it be that Thy command doth reign
Resplendent here below as up on high;
Deign Thou that clouds shall ever issue rain,
So we might ever feast on earth’s supply!
Prostrate, we sinners beg Thy saving grace–
Rebuke us not, for we too grant reprieve–
And keep us far from Satan’s tempting face;
Yea, bring us where Thy grace doth never leave!
Exsultant voices praise Thee endlessly,
Resounding, “Thine the Kingdom ever be!”


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