Against the “Fantasy Francis”

Luke Coppen, editor of Britain’s Catholic Herald, has written an outstanding piece on the the website of The Spectator.  Armed with a litany of simple facts and clear prose, he asserts that which many faithful, loyal, educated Catholics have known even before 2013: Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, has not– nor will he ever– “abolish sin,” reject dogma, ordain women, or accept a redefinition of marriage.  The profitable media narrative of a “Fantasy Francis” stands in stark contrast to the real man in word and deed.  The following is an excerpt from Coppen’s excellent commentary.

Whenever he proves himself loyal to Catholic teaching — denouncing abortion, for instance, or saying that same-sex marriage is an ‘anthropological regression’ — his liberal fan base turns a deaf ear. Last month America’s oldest gay magazine, the Advocate, hailed Francis as its person of the year because of the compassion he had expressed towards homosexuals. It was hardly a revolution: Article 2358 of the Catholic church’s catechism calls for gay people to be treated with ‘respect, compassion and sensitivity’. In simply restating Catholic teaching, however, Francis was hailed as a hero. When a Maltese bishop said the Pope had told him he was ‘shocked’ by the idea of gay adoption, that barely made a splash. Time magazine, too, made Francis person of the year, hailing him for his ‘rejection of Church dogma’ — as if he had declared that from now on there would be two rather than three Persons of the Holy Trinity. But for cockeyed lionisation [sic; UK spelling] of Francis it would be hard to beat the editors of Esquire, who somehow managed to convince themselves that a figure who wears the same outfit every day was the best dressed man of 2013.

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